87 Years of St. Mary’s Hospital, “10K Cases of Robotic Surgery in the Shortest Time in Korea”
87 Years of St. Mary’s Hospital, “10K Cases of Robotic Surgery in the Shortest Time in Korea”
  • Cho Pil Hyun, Staff Reporter
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Yoon Seung-Kew, President of Seoul St. Mary’s Hospital, New Year’s Address

Seoul St. Mary's Hospital expressed commitment to making 2023 a year of leaping forward to prepare for the next 10 years beyond the 'complex crisis' of COVID-19 and economic recession.

Professor Yoon Seung-Kew (photo), President of Seoul St. Mary’s Hospital, said in the new year’s address on December 30th, “St. Mary's Hospital has led the Korean medical history as a Korea's representative medical institution based on the respect for life for 87 years.”

St. Mary's Hospital has succeeded in the oldest case of hematopoietic stem cell transplantation and cutting-edge 'CAR-T' cell immunotherapy clinically. In addition, it achieved 10,000 cases of da Vinci robotic surgery in the shortest time in Korea.

The hospital has made remarkable achievements with robotic surgery including 1,000 breast cancer surgeries, 5,000 cerebral aneurysm surgeries, and 1,000 endoscopic pituitary tumor surgeries.

St. Mary's Hospital said, “After ceaseless efforts to establish a safe medical treatment system of the international standards as well as our position as a global hospital, we obtained JCI certification five times in a row. We have acquired the highest grade in all categories of the Ministry of Health and Welfare's medical quality evaluation and achieved the 1st place in the advanced general hospital category of the Korea Service Quality Index for 7 consecutive years.”

Professor Yoon Seung-Kew, President of the Seoul St. Mary’s Hospital, presented four major policies for next year: ▲ hardware improvement for future growth engines ▲ treatment innovation ▲ strengthening of convergence research innovation ▲ sustainable ESG management.

Professor Yoon said, “We will take the first step in establishing a high-tech complex medical center for personalized medical care and push forward for the introduction of proton therapy devices. At the same time, we will give new hope to patients suffering from severe and intractable diseases.”

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